Friday, 4 June 2010

Poultry Jug and Cups

Slip casted earthenware | jug h 22 cm, ø 8 cm, cup h 8 cm, ø 6.5 cm | 2009

One of the main character of a tropical country is the hot and sunny weather, and enjoying a cold drink in the afternoon is one of the blessings that one might enjoy. This jug set is designed with the intentions of prolonging such acts, thus inducing interesting topics and discussions. The shape and choice of material is chosen for keeping the drinks cold, and the intentionally reduced cup size is meant to encourage interaction between users by repeatedly pouring drinks and of course the courtesy of offering drinks to friends.
This jug uses slip casted earthenware and applies a particular shape as a way  to encourage longer afternoon chats, by prolonging the act of conversing, and sharing of ideas and stories, thus enhancing the bond between people.