Friday, 4 June 2010

Carver Bottle and Cups

Slip casted glazed semi porcelain | cup h 8 cm , ø 7 cm , bottle h 30 cm, ø 8,5 cm | 2008

During my design studies, i was taught the designing basic tools of an industrial designer's, mainly by sketching, modeling , and also basic woodworking techniques. This differs from the process of making ceramic tableware, that uses a potter's knowledge and techniques, such as throwing, pinching and hand building to design, resulting the distinct character of pottery. In this design I experimented with the application of both techniques . This set of cups and bottle is formed into a cylinder by throwing, and then the neck part is shaped by carving, resulting rough textures, as opposed to the fine and smooth line result of throwing.  Later the model is made into a mould to be produced using the slip cast technique.